leading-edge service
delivery platform
High performance service delivery platform which stores, manages and charges subscribers for using
Value-Add Services across SMS, USSD and mobi channels.
Smooth integration
with mobile
network operators
We are integrated with various
mobile network operators
throughout Africa allowing us
to onboard Value-Added
Services available to
prepaid, post-paid and hybrid
effective billing
Reliable revenue collection on
behalf of our content partners
from mobile network operators
and distribution of the revenue shares.
leading-edge service
delivery platform
We ensure compliance by
avoiding undesired subscription
activity, thereby increasing



providing content that is african and authentic

our customers &

strategic partners

our mobile network operators

We are in strategic partnership with Telkom, managing TelkomPLUS, their entertainment hub and platform. We provide rich media and immersive experiences through our product offering to MTN Group. Our partnerships are valuable instruments anchoring networks, driving long term sustainable margins and growth.